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Online Holy Quran Classes

August 22, 2022
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Online Holy Quran Classes

Can teach the following Courses:(Alhamdulillah)

✅Quran Memorization (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran Recitation (Beginner - Expert)
✅Arabic Language & Grammar In Urdu (Beginner - Expert)
✅Arabic Language & Grammar In English (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran Tajweed (Beginner - Expert)
✅Ijazah with Sanad (Beginner - Expert)
✅Noorani Qaida/Noor Al- Bayan. (Beginner - Expert)
✅Daily Masnoon Duas and Supplications. (Beginner - Expert)
✅English (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran & Tajweed (Beginner - Expert)
✅Holy Quran recitation and memorization
(Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran and Diniyaat (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran and Arabic for Non-Arabs (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran and Islamic studies (Beginner - Expert)
✅Computer for kids (Beginner - Expert)
✅Hifz and Nazra with Tajweed (Beginner - Expert)
✅Hifz ul Quran (Beginner - Expert)
✅Qaida Noorani and Masnoon Duas (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran and Tajweed and Islamic studies with Qirat e Quran (Beginner - Expert)
✅Coran (Beginner - Expert)
✅Tafsir (Beginner - Expert)
✅Holy Quran Pak (Beginner - Expert)
✅English for kids (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran and Tafseer (Beginner - Expert)
✅Dars e Tafseer (Beginner - Expert)
✅Dars e Nizami (Beginner - Expert)
✅Tajweed and Nazra Quran (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran & Tajweed (Beginner - Expert)
✅ Qur'an (Beginner - Expert)
✅Holy Quran Recitation and Memorization (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran and Arabic for non-Arabs (Beginner - Expert)
✅Qaidah Nooraniah (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran Hifz & Nazera, Tajweed, Noorani Qaida (Beginner - Expert)
✅Qur'anic Recitation and memorization (Beginner - Expert)
✅Tilawat (Beginner - Expert)
✅Qur'aan (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran and Madani Qaida (Beginner - Expert)
✅Holy Quran recitation and memorization (Beginner - Expert)
✅Qaida Noorani and Masnoon Duas (Beginner - Expert)
✅Quran and tajweed and Islamic studies with Qirat e Quran (Beginner - Expert)
✅Arabic Alphabet and Quraan recitation (Beginner - Expert)
✅Answering questions about Islam from non-Muslims (Beginner - Expert)
✅Madani Qaida (Beginner - Expert)
✅Qur'an (Thilawath) (Beginner - Expert)
✅10 Qirat with Tajweed rules (Beginner - Expert)
✅Holy Quran Memorization with Tajweed (Beginner - Expert)
✅Noorani Qaida and Duaa (Beginner - Expert)
✅Salah Method
✅Prayer Method
✅Essential Duas
✅Essential Hadees
✅Essential Hadiths
✅Namaz Method
✅Prayer Method
✅40 Hadiths
✅All Tajweed Rules
✅Six Kalimas
✅Tajweedi Quran
✅Coloured Quran
✅Coloured Tajweedi Easy Quran
✅Use of Highlight Tool While Teaching
✅Use of Pen Tool While Teaching
✅Native English Speaker
✅Licensed Zoom ID
✅Easy Zoom Class Joining Link
✅Also Available Teaching Via Skype
✅Native English Speaker
✅Bi-Lingual English Urdu

💠I Use Digital Pen, Highlighter While Teaching Whether On Pc, Smart Phone Or Tablet Device. I use a lot of different teaching methods such as Quizzes and Educational Games, especially with kids. I love teaching kids so much and I'm totally aware of their needs in the educational process. My classes are so informative and fun at the same time.
In the free trial class -after evaluation- I will set the most suitable plan for achieving your goals, In-shaa-Allah, in so reasonable time.
I'm so excited to be a part of your journey in learning the Holy Quran.
Feel Free to Contact me any time.
Barak Allah Feekum!

Working time: Always
Contact Information
Address: Main Road, Kanka, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, gt road house 1, India, 3002
Phone: +923056917984
Price: 5,000.00

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Timing: 24/7
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