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Launch a commission-free stock trading and investment trading platform like Robinhood

December 28, 2022
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Robinhood Clone Script

The Robinhood Clone Script enables you to create your own commission-free stock trading and investment trading platform. This clone script offers a fully unique stock trading platform with all of Robinhood's key attributes and capabilities included. It has the potential to develop a distinctive, fee-free stock trading and investment platform like Robinhood.

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Features in the Robinhood Clone Script


The dashboard will make it possible to access the watch list, order list, stock reports, forecasts, and statistics. The user's assets and cash flow should be shown.


To let users create and maintain their investor-facing portfolios, you can implement this capability in your app, similar to Robinhood. Filters and features can be added to categories to organize them and ensure their functionality.

The functionality of Stock trading:

This is the most important feature, allowing you to easily fund, buy, and sell deals for your traders in real time.

Current Market Information:

It's crucial to keep your traders up to date on the most recent market data in order to enable them to strike a good deal and make large gains.

Money Transfer:

The user must transfer money from his accounts to the app in order to transact. A user can buy or sell stocks after putting money into the app.

Watch List:

The user can monitor particular stocks that he plans to buy or sell in the future by adding them to a watch list. You may always edit the Watch list.

Market Crawlers:

Your user must monitor the market, comprehend the data, and sell or buy at the right moment if they want to win with stocks. This capability does that in order to benefit your user.

Push Notifications:

Users may become too busy to frequently check their websites for stock trading. Push notifications make it simple for investors to stay informed on all developments even when it's nearly impossible to monitor stocks in the middle of the day.

Robinhood Clone App

Robinhood is a stock trading and investment app that democratizes access to capital and enables trading for all users. This app doesn't charge brokerage fees for stock investments by users. Individual investors have to pay brokers more money when trading stocks the old-fashioned way. With no brokerage costs, Robinhood makes it simple.

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Benefits of Robinhood Clone Script

Commission free trading

Robinhood is well-known for its no-commission stock trading. The platform does not charge for investor transactions made with bitcoin. It costs nothing to trade cryptocurrency.

Easy to use:

The mobile application is easy to use. The transactions on this site are completed fairly quickly.

No Recurring ees:

There is no minimum account requirement, so investors can start off with a little investment and grow it to equal ownership. This platform does not charge recurring monthly fees.

Dividend reinvestment:

A cash distribution is automatically reinvested as part of the dividend reinvestment procedure back into the underlying shares.

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Why choose Coinjoker for Robinhood clone Script?

Coinjoker is a leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company that offers Robinhood Clone Script has all the necessary and cutting-edge features and functionalities. A free stock trading platform or investment trading platform similar to Robinhood can be launched with ease.

  • Completely customizable. 
  • Essential Features and functionalities.
  • Modern technology stack.
  • Prompt assistance.
  • Reasonable price ranges.
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Address: India,
Phone: 9791703519

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