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I found rare store way out mind control RMM V2K

November 16, 2021
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I found rare store way out mind control RMM V2K

The Government Never Stops Doing Mind Control and Electronic Attacks on TIs
Many people wishfully believe that because our Government is stressed, or on sequester, or shut down with only essential personnel working, it cuts back on its mind control and electronic attack programs. Mind control and electronic attacks come from governments (ours and many others), corporations, criminal and terrorist organizations, and technically-adept individuals for many reasons. Our Government never shuts down, or even scales back, its mind control and electronic attack research and testing. Some say it even steps them up to better monitor and control people during bad times. Of course, when Government is viewed as weakened, all the other perps know they can more freely operate against Americans because law enforcement intended to detect non-Government perps is also weakened. Never forget that where government protection ends, YOU must do the rest to protect yourself.

BASED ON THE OPINIONS OF OUR RNM LAB.: Many TIs who contact us about Mind Control and Electronic Attack falsely believe that Infrasonic sounds cause mind control, because they read it Online from a scammer, or an armchair pseudo scientist, or an uniformed or misled TI. The fact is that while infrasonics can be used for some forms of electronic attack, it cannot be used for mind control electronic attacks. The very low bandwidth (BW) of infrasound means that it can carry very little mind control data or even control signals. However, infrasound can cause physical forms of electronic attack by causing micro-vibrations of internal organs and tissues, thus disrupting or even damaging them, thus resulting in such manifestations as general pain, nausea, vertigo, disorientation, dizziness, fainting, blood pressure spikes , loss of sleep, and even death (Note: We are not doctors). Nor can raw infrasonic sounds be pinpointed to individual TIs in a crowd. That's because infrasonic sound is omnidirectional so infrasonic sounds can't target individual TIs (Note: This physical property also makes infrasound much more difficult to jam and shield against), the converse being that the locations of infrasonic transmitters are very hard to pinpoint by TIs . However, since ultrasonics are highly directional, ultrasonics can be used to accurately target individual TIs in a crowd as its energy can be focused into a tight beam at a TI's brain or body, and conversely, ultrasonic transmitters can be pinpointed and jammed and shielded against . The false Infrasound-Causes-Mind-Control tale results because in mind control, infrasonic freqs (e.g. brainwave signals) and audio signals are often used to modulate ultrasonic carrier signals. When these modulated ultrasonic signals enter into the brain or body, they are decoupled from their ultrasonic carriers to then do their dirty little V2K-type manifestations. But when such modulated ultrasonic signals come into contact with and mix with ambient audio outside the body (eg environmental sounds such as voices, vehicles, animals, motors, construction) or contact delayed versions of themselves due to reflections (from nearby hard surfaces, sometimes resulting in tell-tale faint voices and other sounds coming from hard surfaces), sum and difference freqs may result (as well as from the decoupling of some of the modulating brainwave and audio sounds from the modulated ultrasonic signals due to such things as obstacles, dust, snow, rain, foilage, clothes or even distance). This process is very complex and little-understood. The difference freqs and decoupled freqs can easily be infrasonic and/or audio signals, thus misleading observers who do not understand mind control and electronic attack technologies to falsely believe that infrasonics cause mind control. By pinpointing ultrasonic transmitters and shielding and/or jamming out their ultrasonic carriers - which we can do for you - you can also eliminate their infrasound and audio sound modulating components, thereby stopping mind control attacks. Let us try to help you.

Our Mind Control and Electronic Attack Countermeasure Devices Now Come With Advanced Transient Suppression!
Many people these days, especially Online, claim to sell mind control and electronic attack countermeasures and detection devices. Clearly none of whom can match the relevant highly-specialized knowledge, experience, equipment, parts, specialized materials, tools and facilities of Mindcontroll Sardinia Lab , INC. to actually be able to help mind control and electronic attack victims, and most of whom are clearly outright frauds. Further, we are the only ones we know of who now provide Advanced Transient Suppression Technology (ATST) in our mind control and electronic attack countermeasure devices. All electronic devices can be damaged or destroyed by common high-voltage transients from lightning and defective high-voltage equipment and power lines, electrical arcs and coronas, inductive kicks from high-voltage power interruptions, and static electric discharges. Also, based on what we know, mind control and electronic attack predators are increasingly resorting to directional high-pulse burst transmitters (pulse-type directed energy transmitters), possibly even EMP, to wipeout costly countermeasure devices deployed by mind control and electronic attack victims to protect themselves. Our unique countermeasure devices now come with our ATST protection against up to 1,500 watts of burst energy attack power (at no extra cost) to foil even the most highly dedicated wipeout attack tactics, as well as to help protect you from common forms of high- voltage transients.

Mindcontroll Sardinia Lab , INC

As research & supplier store with RNM,V2k,Sythetic Telepathy labatory ws produce variety staffs about shield/jammer devices that can solve all factors by professional solution researched devices for you.

Here our RNM & V2K Lab Store link


Remote Neural Monitering Shop extensive researches into EM weaponry and harassing devices (and Radionics) - including on-site investigations of actual cases - have resulted in a high level of understanding and insights into EM weaponry and electronic countermeasures. The technology for powerful and invisible EM attacks clearly exists - attacks aimed at harassing, controlling, crippling, and "poisoning"! Do you:

* Hear popping and/or clicking sounds you can't identify?

* Hear voices and/or sounds coming from behind and/or above the ear and/or accompanied by radio-like static noises (usually caused by RF interference)?

* Experiencing worsening and/or more frequent bouts of insomnia, irritability, eye pain, dizziness, headaches, nausea, itching, respiratory and/or sinus problems?

* Are you affected by any other unexplained manifestations in your life?

* Do any of these occur or increase in rate of occurrences and/or intensities when you are near metal surfaces (especially large concave or flat hard and smooth metal surfaces, eg cars, appliances, equipment, large tools, sheet metal, electrical wires / electrical cables, any other concave or flat hard and smooth metal surfaces EM signals can reflect off of), especially if perceived sounds appear to come from the direction of these surfaces or from corners in these surfaces?

And you are certain that these manifestations are not caused by any medical condition. You may be the victim of an electromagnetic attack!

The PERSONAL RNM&V2k elf JAMMER-type devices, as with all elf transmitting devices we design and build, is based on our elf policies defined on our policies webpage (policies.htm). The The PERSONAL RNM&V2k elf JAMMER is designed to send out strings of pulses in a narrow bandwidth (0.1% of center frequency, up to less than 100KHz maximum BW) designed to jam (within the immediate area of one's body) offending elf transmitters, surveillance devices, microwave controllers, et al - even the newest elf devices. Portable and worn or carried on or near the body. Note that elf signal jammers are never designed to operate as electronic weapons or to jam legally licensed transmitters. Jammers transmit no intelligence but only a high-frequency carrier signal typically modulated by white noise or pink noise to mask out the offending signals of an electronic weapon (if you could hear the elf white noise, it would sound much like distant rain; elf pink noise sounds similar to white noise but has higher or lower composite pitch, depending on filtering). In contrast, electronic transmitter weapons transmit definite control signals or data signals which are usually designed to cause harmful manifestations in a person(s) (usually a targeted person), animal(s), and/or equipment. Since the bandwidth that harmful EMFs can occupy is enormous, it is important to determine where in this enormous electromagnetic spectrum lies the signals harmful to you. Therefore, you should first strongly consider as a Customized Devices the purchase of a directional signal strength or signal triangulation device so that you can ferret out the offending signals red-handed, detect their frequency(ies) (bandwidth)

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