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GRD Infraprojects

Pune, Maharashtra, India
June 10, 2021
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GRD Infraprojects

Considering all the concomitant minuses associated with this specific sector, GRD has come into being with a definite objective of not just making its each and every customer thoroughly happy for lifetime but also with an intention to expunge the tag of negativism from the whole Real Estate sphere.

At GRD, we just don’t construct because the very word smacks of crudity; we don’t even create. Rather, we carve out our esteemed customers’ homely imaginations into picture-perfect structures of bricks and walls that bespeak our total dedication to them.

Vision & Mission
When there’s no gulf between promise and performance,both merge into each other like salt into water’s essence.Your objective to serve the people become seamlessly one and soon you find, you’ve a uniformed vision and mission’ Needless to say, the aforementioned quatrain articulates GRD’s vision and mission in a succinct manner.

A peep into the leader’s persona

Gaurav Devidas Attarde

British PM Sir Winston Churchill used to say, ‘ Send me a relevant peep into the man’s persona. I’ve no time to count his entire life’s achievements.’

The same applies to Gaurav Attarde because his unassuming disposition and no-nonsense outlook single him out in a sphere that has experienced a seismic jolt in recent times.

To helm a sector which is more sinned against than sinning, one needs courage of conviction, pizzazz, metier, breadth of vision, resilience, unwavering belief in oneself among others.

Gaurav is imbued with all these traits and qualities. By dint of sheer perseverance, he’s reached this position to own and head a conglomerate with complete aplomb.

“Stop at nothing! Never rest till you get your way!”

Dr D. R. Attarde

An individual who has never seen what it is to be average, Devidas Ramdas Attarde has lived a life on his terms. Being in the field of education all his life he has been a mentor, guide and an inspiration to many. Devidas Attarde, being from a Tier 3 City where education was not as important, stepped out of his comfort zone and set out to be an example for the people in the city. Transforming the face of education in and around him, he has truly stood up to be a man with extensive research and great perseverance and patience. Starting his journey as a Junior Research Assistant in 1972,with time and Learning crossed milestones like Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Associate Dean, Dean.

Research is a word known by many but understood by only a few. Devidas Attarde has done an intensive research in the field of agronomy he has published over 39 articles, 13 tech publications, 34 internationally abstracted publications and done 18 radio appearances.

Our Priced possessions

Our staff and employees are committed to doing their very best with the sole objective of the welfare and goodwill of GRD. Every member of the staff knows his/her onion and is single-minded in the rapid progress of the company.

The friendliness, helpfulness, reliability and cordiality of our staff can’t be questioned. They’re above reproach. In fine, our employees and staff are an asset to GRD and they make us pardonably proud.

‘Management is an umbrella and all others are the competent holders of this umbrella-stick.’

~Japanese Corporate Maxim

Contact Information
Address: GRD Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd., Office No. 12, Windsor Commerce, Above Giridhar Hotel & Girme Farm, Next to Wadeshwar restaurant, Baner Road, , Pune, Maharashtra, India, 411045
Phone: 02046769909

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